Episode 85: Inside Out with Allison Weber

This week on the Perfect 10 Podcast we hit the bing-bong with comedian Allison Weber to talk about her playing Joy in our brand new Inside Out parody sketch! Allison/Joy talks the benefits of staying positive (much to Ralphie’s dismay) and the benefits of smoking weed (much to Ralphie’s delight). We get technical about THC and CBD as a super-fun cure for a litany of ailments (except a case of sadness), and round it all out with some more JOY from the one and only, Allison Weber. Listen in to hear how spot-on Lahna’s casting choices are, and then check out our Inside Out video starring Lahna, Ralphie, Allison, and a host of your favorite comedians!

Allison Weber

Since Allison was able to talk, she has wanted to entertain. Then, as a teenager, with her piano-teaching mother’s encouragement, she picked up a guitar. Allison started honing her skills at writing lyrics, especially parody songs. After moving to LA in 2007, she formed her parodies into a stage-ready set. Her first taste of stand-up was at The World Famous Hollywood Improv in December 2008. Allison’s raunchy yet sweet and witty style made her an instant hit. Soon after, she entered in the Fresh Faces of Comedy Contest and finished in the top 3 out of the 50 comics that competed. She has since been invited to perform at such festivals as the Hollywood Comedy Festival, the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival (in 2011, 2012, and 2013) , and the Boca Raton Winter Comedy Festival (in which she was the first place winner).  Allison also won the Rated X Factor Comedy Competition and tours the country as the 2013 Strip Club Comedian of the Year. On top of that, as a perfect juxtaposition, she is also the Voice of “Flower Kid” in 20th Century Fox’s animated movie EPIC. You can see Allison performing today at the top Clubs such as The Improvs, The Comedy Store, and The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. Be sure to check out her website and follow her on Twitter.

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